About The company PlanCasas 

The construction company “PlanCasas” designs and builds new houses, realizing and taking into account any creative ideas of its Clients. During our activity, we create truly unique objects, unique in their architecture and interior decoration and engineering communications, trying to embody the wildest desires and dreams of our clients. The specialists of the PlanCasas Construction Company will always be able to find the right solution and an individual approach for the maximum realization of your ideas! During the construction process, we strive to create comfort and harmony in each new home, not missing every small detail. It is very important for us that our clients appreciate our professionalism and fast construction time! During our construction activities, we were able to competently build the process of building houses, establish reliable partnerships with leading organizations in the region, and successfully implement more than 10,000 projects. The main specialization of “PlanCasas” is the design and construction of cottages, and we can also find you a land plot for your project. 

Our services 

Our company will perform all types of construction and installation work with a phased payment in a quality manner and on time! 

1. House Plan Design Individual design of multi-storey and one-storey houses. 


2.1. Foundation construction. We offer several types of foundations: strip, monolithic slab, pile-grillage, FBS blocks. foundation. We offer several types of foundations: strip, monolithic slab, pile-grillage, FBS blocks. 

2.2. Walling. Selection of the optimal thickness and calculation of energy-efficient insulation. 

2.3. Roofing. Installation of flat and pitched roofs. 

2.4. Prefinishing finishing. 

3. Interior works